Patrol Issues

I have selected to patrol but cannot find out how to

If, when you registered, you had selected to undertake patrols, then when you login you should see a patrols menu option between the crime links and documents menu items. If the menu item is not visible then it means that the patrols functionality has subsequently been turned off and is no longer available. If you wish to find out more, please contact the patrol administrator

When I go to the patrol page, I get a line of text that says, "No patrol zones defined" Please speak to the patrol administrator

If you see this message, please contact the patrol administrator

When I book a patrol and request resources, I receive a confirmation email but see that sometimes they are allocated and at other times not

When one books a patrol(s) and any resource(s), the system first checks to see if the resource(s) is/are available for the duration of your patrol slot. If it has already been reserved for part of the time you are on patrol then the resource is deemed as not available and will not be allocated to you. This is done per resource requested so some may be allocated and others not, depending on availability.
You will receive an email when you have booked your patrol highlighting all future patrols and any resource(s) that have been allocated for those patrol(s).

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