Login Problems

The website makes heavy use of client side processing to help provide you with the best user experience possible.
In order to achive this, we use both client side cookies and JavaScript. If either of these are not enabled in your browser you will not be able to login or navigate around the site.

If the box below this paragraph is green and says the words JS Enabled!, then JavaScript is enabled and you need not worry further about this.

JS not enabled! Please read your browsers help file to learn how to enable it.

How you determine the status of cookies depends upon the individual browser. If you do not need to login then cookies should not be an issue for you and you need not worry further.

Typically, if cookies are not enabled, after you login you will not see the "Welcome your name" message in the top right hand corner and the register and login buttons will still be visible. If this is the case then please view your browsers help file and search for "cookies" or take a look here. If you find you still have a problem you may email us letting us know the browser make and version number and we will try to assist you.

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